The 1975 // Positivus 2014

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Anonymous: you are my favourite and only the 1975 blog i follow because of how much you respect the bands privacy!! keep it up :)

aw thank you so much, it means a lot that people appreciate that :)

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omg ross’ instagram

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Matty Healy Calvin Klein Jeans x Party

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adam hann at ruisrock 2014 by waldemar stoffel

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Anonymous: I heard mattys hair is insured for one million dollars

you’re goddamn right

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Anonymous: when you made that post about things that needed to stop happening in the fandom, you mentioned that you thought that personal pictures needed to stop being posted .. what did you mean by that ? personal pictures like family photos or old ones or some other ones entirely? just a bit confused by what you meant .. x

okay basically pictures from interviews, articles or even pictures that have been posted on twitter/instagram by the guys or family members are totally fine (although I personally don’t like reblogging family pictures even if they have been posted by matty’s mom or someone like that but that’s just me)

what I do have a problem with is when people go out of their way to find the guys’ private social media profiles, go through all of their old pictures from like high school and shit and post them online without their consent cause it’s incredibly disrespectful

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What has been stolen from you today?


this sweater 😍

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