Matty taking a break

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// Interview with Moshcam //

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Anonymous: I met john before a show a few months ago and I shook his hand to be polite or whatever but I forgot that I had a giant donkey drawn on the hand I shook with (from being stupidly bored in line) and I could tell he saw it but didn't wanna say anything and so there was like a moment of awkward silence and eye contact and oh god I was sO embarrassed but all I could was say that I was excited to hear him play :///

haha oh dear that must have been slightly awkward but I’m sure he just found it amusing :D

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Matty Healy // Kode 2 Magazine

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Sneaky photo from today

Photo by me

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Ross Macdonald // Kode 2 Magazine

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Do not give me drugs as I’m about to get on a plane. It’s not flattering, it’s silly and it endangers both of us.


The 1975 // Kode 2 Magazine

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George Daniel // Kode 2 Magazine

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