Man Im so high, I think I love you. x 

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grcce: i live in a little seaside/industrial town called redcar and its actually the place where they filmed settle down!! it was a big shock when i found out because its so small here! the old theatre mattys sat in is the cinema and the streets he walks down (im actually driving though them right now) and the steel works are all redcar and one of my fave things to do is sit on the sand banks near the steel works/power station and relax ((i dont know why i decided to send this im sorry lmao))

aww that’s so cool, it must be really great to see your town in a music video, I’m sure it feels pretty surreal! it was nice of you to share this, no need to apologize :)

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you lose indie points if your fave band has a wikipedia page or any google search results


The 1975 for WeTheUrban Magazine (x)

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Ross at Boston Calling by Ken Grand-Pierre

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Adam at Boston Calling by Ken Grand-Pierre

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Matty at Boston Calling by Ken Grand-Pierre

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